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3 Little Pigs - great coffee down Warren St

I’ve worked in Fitzrovia now for one and a half years.  It’s a massive improvement on working in Hammersmith for three and a half years, where my workmates and I would often get excited about the occasional visit to Pret (I’m not joking - when you work just far enough away from the main drag to make you think twice about doing the walk, these things become significant).  There are lots of options for food round here, and I always feel pretty grateful that I’m so close to Rasa Express and the Indian YMCA (masala dosa for lunch? Yes please).  However, the coffee options are pretty poor.  Whilst there is Lantana and Kaffeine further South, they are just that little bit too far away to make them convenient stop offs for my daily pick me up.  Instead, we have an abundance of Starbucks’, Pret (my, how things are all relative) and your Nero’s and the like.  

So, I was pretty happy when I stumbled across 3 Little Pigs - a brand new coffee place that has set up shop inside Black Truffle, a little shoe shop on Warren St (which also has another branch on Broadway Market).  They’ve only been going for a little while, but I’m already a fan, and have popped down quite a few times for my caffeine dose.  They use Nude coffee beans, which I drink at home anyway, so another plus in my book.  And the owner (who I can’t believe I haven’t got the name of) is incredibly friendly and always greets me a smile.  I’m currently alternating between lattes and flat whites, but will attempt to work my way through the different types over time.  They also have a mighty fine looking selection of pastries and biscuits, but as I’m not a sweet breakfast person, I haven’t partaken just yet.

If you work in the area and like your coffee, I would definitely recommend you to go.  It’s a very welcome addition to the neighbourhood.


The Three Little Pigs at Black Truffle

52 Warren Street

Nearest transport: Warren St tube

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